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Written by Segolene Tarte   
Monday, 28 September 2009 14:49
Understanding Image-based Evidence
2nd e-Science and Ancient Documents workshop

Investigators: Professor Alan Bowman, Professor Sir Michael Brady, Dr. Melissa Terras
Research Assistant: Dr. Ségolène Tarte
Doctoral Student: Henriette Roued

Following our first workshop, which presented how we are aiding the process of reading ancient and damaged texts through: exploring image processing techniques; mark-up and web-service technology for building and accessing knowledge bases; use of e-infrastructure; and methodologies to identify mechanisms in deploying implicit knowledge and build an ontology, we would like to invite you to our 2nd workshop on 17th November 2009, in Oxford.

We will concentrate on how image-based evidence is understood in the context of the building of an Interpretation Support System (ISS) for ancient or damaged documents. To that end, we will focus on three of our current themes of research:
Evaluating evidence, or what are the tools and strategies that can help to evaluate the goodness of a given piece of evidence in a chain of reasoning ?
Quality of digitization and capture of evidence, or how to digitize text-bearing artifacts so that the pieces of evidence relevant to further interpretation are optimally captured and processed?
Restoration, palaeographical knowledge bases and classification of palaeographical data such as letter-forms, or how to organize and access palaeographical knowledge in order to use it as evidence in an emerging interpretation? [...]

Three 1 1/2 h sessions will be articulated around three focal themes:

1- Evaluating evidence
2- Quality of digitization and capture of evidence
3- Restoration, palaeographical knowledge bases and classification of palaeographical data

For each session, a member of the eSAD team will describe how the focal theme is a part of the eSAD research. An invited speaker will then present relevant work related to the focal theme. A respondent will then react to the juxtaposition of the eSAD research question and the invited talk, before the session is opened to the floor for a more general discussion.

Date: 17th November 2009,
Time: 10:00-17:00
Venue:  Conference room of the Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG.
Coffee and sandwich lunch will be provided. Further details of the programme to follow.
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