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Workshop 17th November 2009

In this section, you will find the presentations made at the workshop and revolving around the following themes:

  • "Quality of digitization and capture of evidence" session
    Or how to digitize text-bearing artifacts so that the pieces of evidence relevant to further interpretation are optimally captured and processed? (talks 1 and 2)
  • "Evaluating evidence" session
    Or what are the tools and strategies that can help to evaluate the goodness of a given piece of evidence in a chain of reasoning? (talks 3 and 4)
  • "Restoration, palaeographical knowledge bases and classification of letter-forms" session
    Or how to organize and access palaeographical knowledge in order to use it as evidence in an emerging interpretation? (talks 5 and 6)

A report written by an attendee can be found here (Thank you Alejandro!).

Some pictures of the event are also up in our Gallery.

Note: talks extend to more than one page!

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