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Details for Invited talk at the "Object, Artefact, Script" workshop -Oct. 2009
NameInvited talk at the "Object, Artefact, Script" workshop -Oct. 2009
DescriptionTitle: "A puzzling letter form, or how ways-of-seeing and ways-of-looking differ". Abstract: This talk will present how, in the context of building an Interpretation Support System for the transcription and interpretation of ancient and damaged documents, we are working on developing strategies to port perception and interpretation into the Digital world. Based on a specific example, I will briefly present our digitization process, which aims to mirror the experts’ real-world strategy, and the image processing algorithms we developed to enhance the images. I will then elaborate further on the chain of reasoning that progressively unravels when experts set to discover meaning to a text-bearing artefact. Building on previous work that identified 10 levels of reading in the transcription process, I will present some of the strategies that the experts adopt, and how the jumps between reading levels occur. Throughout, examples will be given of the continuous tension and search for balance between ways-of-seeing and ways-of-looking, between intentionality and serendipity, between what the text-bearing object allows and what it invites; all in an effort to make explicit, some of the key implicit mechanisms that cause perception and interpretation to be so tightly intertwined. By S. M. Tarte
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