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Friday, 09 May 2008 19:34

Dr Ségolène Tarte is a  research assistant at the OeRC working on the project "Image, Text, Interpretation: e-Science, Technology and Documents", funded by the AHRC and lead by Prof. Alan Bowman (Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Faculty of Classics, Oxford),  Prof. Sir Michael Brady (Department of Engineering Science, Oxford) and Dr. Melissa Terras (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, UCL, London).

Her focus is on image processing and artificial intelligence applied to the reading and interpretation of ancient documents. Prior to this project, she worked at the Centre for Medical Image Computing, UCL, UK, where she investigated image processing and differential geometry techniques for the refinement of radiotherapy treatment of lung cancer.

She holds a MSc in Mathematics from Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the MEM Research Center, Universität Bern, Switzerland.

Ségolène's main research interests are image processing and differential geometry, with an emphasis on their multi-disciplinary applications (medicine, ancient documents, art).  She is keen on  contributing to  the development  of those mathematical methods and on weaving them into their possible domains of applications: obvious ones such as medicine or geophysics; as well as more apparently disconnected ones such as archaeological and historical studies or experimental music.


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