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Details for AHM 2009 paper on the Engage eSAD+VRE-SDM project
NameAHM 2009 paper on the Engage eSAD+VRE-SDM project
DescriptionThe aim of the project was to enable the use of eSAD developed image-processing algorithms within theframework developed within the VRE-SDM. This means bridging the gap between the use of the NGS for imageprocessing and the web based access mechanisms used by this research community. [paper accepted for presentation at AHM 2009] by Wallom, D.;  Tarte, S. M.; Hu, P.; Tang, K. and Ma, T.
FilenameIntegrating eSAD and VRE-SDM AHM.pdf
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Created On: 09/07/2009 16:02
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