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Image Processing
About phase congruency PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ségolène Tarte   
Thursday, 30 October 2008 17:57
In the last months, a large part of my efforts have been concentrated on extracting the strokes from the images of our texts. The good news is, I'm getting closer to actually extracting those strokes by the day!

In image processing terms, what I'm trying to do is perform feature extraction from the images. A number of methods are available, but our images are such, that we need to get away from traditional methods such as simple thresholding, or plain classical edges and corner detection (Canny edge detection, Hough transform, etc...) The reason for this is that our images are extremely noisy (i.e., a lot of information in the image is irrelevant information), and the classical methods don't work well on noisy images. There is one method though that has the potential to help us extract these features we're looking to extract. This method is the so-called phase congruency method [1]. And it's the one I've been working on. [ ... ]


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Example of Image Processing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ségolène Tarte   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 14:11

An unprocessed image of a Roman wooden table


 The same image of a Roman wooden tablet after we applied a woodgrain removal algorithm

The corresponding pure woodgrain image

 Read more on how these images were obtained in the AHM 2008 paper
Last Updated on Saturday, 01 November 2008 14:05